The Center for Investment and Commerce (CICOMER) holds the vision of promoting economies by fostering sustainable consumption, production and trade, while facilitating import and export solutions.

We are the backbone organization whose role is to enhance collaborative work among the different actors who contribute to the economy; aligning actions and efforts that allow efficient and effective interventions for production, consumption and commerce.

We promote responsible production and consumption in harmony with the environment and social responsibility. Our import and export practices are based on years of experience in combination with resourcefulness, attention to detail and connections. We also specialize in creating sustainable businesses plans for initiatives, projects and international expansion.

Production & COMSUMPTION

If production is sustainable, then the environment, employees, communities and organizations all benefit, leading to more economically viable and productive enterprises. Education on sustainable consumption; use of products and services that have a minimal impact on the environment and maximum benefit to society.


Sustainable trade implies a trading system that does not harm the environment or deteriorate social conditions while promoting economical growth. Accompanied by import and export solutions for global trade, Cicomer aids in facilitating these endeavors at a global scale.


  • Medical Supplies
  • Agro-Export (Coffee specialist)
  • Agro-Farm ECOLOGY products